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This product is part of a range of ‘dyslexic objects’ I designed in response to my own dyslexic condition. The aim was to improve the objects through the addition of dyslexia, encouraging the user to re-engage with ordinary objects and subject people to products with a higher emotional function.

These three mugs illustrate inversion, a symptom of dyslexia and as a result are more stable and less likely to be knocked over along with being better balanced in the hand because the handle position being upside down and lower down than normal. This gives a more comfortable pour when drinking due to where the centre of gravity is. The inverted shape also keeps tea and coffee hotter for longer.

All profits made will go towards paying my Royal College of Art tuition fees.

Available as a set of three and individually.
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Hand made in Stoke-on-Trent, home to the ceramic industry.